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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Bai Huong annual Report 2014

The year 2014 has been a very successful year for Homestay Bai Huong, not only the donations have been generous but every year the homestay customers increase and still we can proudly say, that the tourism we are bringing to the village is sustainable.

The library is still used and working well, we have bought some new books this year . Furthermore, Cham Island is suppose have electricity supply from next year and we have a donors, who promises to donate 2 old computers. It will help the kids to use standard programs and to learn to use a keyboard.

We continue to sponsor schoolbooks for the whole village, in order to maintain a happy community life and that every family benefits from our work. This year we have spent for school books VND 5’650’000 (VND 265.-). The kids recycle the books, which are still the same, but often the school material changes so the old books cannot be used again. Furthermore we want all the kids to have new exercise books, so that they can learn and complete the study work as require

All happy Bai Huong students

Cham islands charity projectDSCF5392 Student on Cham island happy to get school books

College student Ngo Quang Canh

College student Ngo Quang Canh

College Scholar Ship
After successfully completing his second year, Canh is attempting his last school year at college. His English knowledge has immensely improved and we are very proud of his results. This year he will decide what he is going to do after the collage but one of the options would be a becoming a tour guide. Canh will receive t
his year monthly 1’500’000 ($ 75.-) for accommodation, food and school fees.

High School Scolar Ship
In 2014 we decided to sponsor 9 students attending High School on the main land, 4 students from Bai Lang and 5 from Bai Huong. The students receive VND 3’000’000 ($ 150) per school year to cover school fees, uniforms and books. They will have to reach a minimum average mark of 6 at the end of the semester. (10 is the maximum mark in Vietnam, 6 is satisfactory.

  1. Tran Huynh Minh Oanh, Bai LangDSCF5500
  2. Duong Thi My Hoa, Bai Lang
  3. Mai Thi Dong, Bai Lang
  4. Huynh Thi Thanh Diep, Bai Lang
  5. Trang Thi Thanh, Bai Huong
  6. Le Thi Kim Ngan, Bai Huong
  7. Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, Bai Huong
  8. Nguyen Thi Thom, Bai Huong
  9. Tran Thi Thuy Diem, Bai Huong

Seconday School Scholar Ship
The secondary school on Cham Island is located in Bai Lang, therefore the children from Bai Huong have to stay during the school week in Bai Lang and need accommodation. Not all the families have relatives in the main village and for some it is financially difficult to sent the children to school, therefore we support for families with the amount of VND 2’000’000 ($ 100) per year.

  1. Trang Thi HangDSCF5502
  2. Nguyen Thi Thanh Van
  3. Nguyen Thi Thanh Quyen
  4. Tran Thi Ngan



Studying is important it opens the doors to the world, therefore we keep giving the best students a gratification of VND 500’000 ($ 25.-) to keep them motivated. to the best students of the year. In fact 4 children in Bai Lang and 5 children in Bai Huong have been awarded.

  1. Pham Thi Ngoc (Bai Lang)          5. MyPham Thuy Nga (Bai Huong)
  2. Nguyen Van Thong (Bai Lang)    6. Nguyen Thi Xuan Lieu (Bai Huong)
  3. Tran Minh Tuan(Bai Lang)           7. Bui Thi Tu Trinh (Bai Huong)
  4. Huynh Thi H
  5. a Phuong (Bai Lang)


Child Sponsorship

  1. Nguyen Thin Thanh Binh

Binh is working not only hard at school to reach the top marks of the class but also during summer holidays she and her siblings are always active and helping us in the library or wherever needed. Therefore we are very happy that Binh still has got her two donors. As the costs are slowly increasing in Vietnam, we have decided that Binh receives in this school year the monthly amount of VND 800’000 ($ 40.-) for food, living and schooling.

  1. Pham Anh Khao, Pham Tu Khao, Pham Dang Kaho

The triplets are getting as well during the next year support of VND 1’000’000 ($ 50.-) per month for the schooling. The family is working hard to and trying the best to support the 5 children but still need a little hel


Summer Camp
To hand over the scholar ships we have arranged together with the government a Summer Camp for the kids, with games, fun and the official part. After a long and funny day everybody slept in the camp in tents at the beach.



Home stay bai huong project on Cham island

Kids play game on the beach – Cham island



Once again I thank you for your trust and support. Also if we cannot change the world, we change the world from somebody. With your help we can make dreams come true and create a better future. In particular I would like to thank Ms. Tu for her dedication and spending a month during summer in Bai Huong to make it all become possible. Also a big thanks to all our homestay customers!


Scholarship 2013 for Cham islands

Scholarship 2013 for cham islands

Tu giving scholarship on Cham islands 2013

Dear friends of Bai Huong

The time has come. The new school year has started in September and we determined the scholar ships. The year 2012/2013 has been in all regards successful. Once more I could count on you and the amount of donations have overwhelmed me.  Furthermore the Homestay Bai Huong project was very prosperous. In summer 2013 we had over 70 customers in Bai Huong.

Thanks to the numerous donations, we were able to extend our area and include the main village in Cham Island, Bai Lang, into our scholar ship project. We keep providing the schoolbooks for Bai Huong in order that everybody in the community benefits from our work.

The library is always well attended and during the winter we want to buy new books and toys.

College Scholar Ship

  1. Ngo Quang Canh

Canh has successfully finished his first college year and we are happy to support him during the next year. As the costs in Vietnam are rising, Canh will receive this year monthly 1’200’000 ($ 60.-) for accommodation, food and school fees.

High School Scholar Ships

  1. Tran Van Hiep
  2. Tran Huynh Thi Minh Oanh
  3. Nguyen Thi Minh Nhut
  4. Huynh Thi Kim Hong

The students receive VND 2’000’000 ($ 100) per semester for the school fees and books. They will have to reach a minimum point average of 6 at the end of the semester to receive the second part of the scholar ship.

Secondary Scholar Ships:

  1. Tran Thi Ngan
  2. Tran Thi Thuy Diem
  3. Nguyen Thanh Long
  4. Dinh Viet Tin
  5. Nguyen Thi Quynh Qua
  6. Nguyen Cong Hau
  7. Tran Van Nhanh
  8. Dang Thanh Cuong
  9. Tran Thi Thanh

The family of these children is going through difficult times and life low-income backgrounds. We donate VND 2’000’000 ($ 100) per child for the yearly school fee of the children.


Tran Thi Thu Thu

  1. Ha Thi Yen Linh
  2. Nguyen Van Thong
  3. Huynh Thi Ha Phuong
  4. Tran Huynh Thi Hoai Nhi
  5. Bui Thi Xuan Lieu
  6. Ngo Thi Ngoc Anh
  7. Nguyen Thi Hien My
  8. Nguyen Thi Phuong
gratification for students on Cham islands

gratification for students on Cham islands

To motivate the kids we granted a gratification of the amount of VND 500’000 ($ 25.-) to the best students of the year. In fact 4 children in Bai Lang and 5 children in Bai Huong have been awarded.

Child sponsorship:

1.Nguyen Thin Thanh Binh

Once more I’m very proud of Binh, she finished the last school year as best student. She is living with her aunt in Hoi An where she attends
secondary school. During the summer holidays she visited her parents in Bai Huong and helped them with their work. Thanks to her two donors
Binh’s family receives monthly the amount of VND 600’000 ($ 30.-) for food and schooling.

2.  Pham Anh Khao, Pham Tu Khao, Pham Dang Khoa

When this family expected another child in 2009 and was blessed instead with triplets, the family situation started to get difficult. The family’s income is not enough to feet and school five children. The triplets are attending the kinder garden this year as both parents are working. With their low income it’s difficult to come up with the monthly school fee of VND 1’000’000 for the three boys. Therefore we support this hard working family from Bai Lang with the amount of VND 1’000’000 ($ 50.-) per month.

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Cham islands program: Scholarship for a special girl Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh

Binh and the kids on Cham island, Bai Huong

Binh (Red shirt in the middle) and the kids in Bai Huong

We may not be able to change the world but we can help support someone’s future. From all of us, a big thanks for being a part of this and for your trust and support. In place of Bai Huong, Cham islands, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in us. On the same note, I would like to say thank you to  Tu (Two) for her altruistic dedication and for making all this possible. As well as to the MPA of Cu Lao Cham and Hoi An for their help and support…

Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh and her heart breaking story:

Binh is 11 years old and the oldest of three siblings. She is a very bright and lovely girl, and a very smart student. The family is going through a very tough time, as fishing is becoming more difficult and the father’s income is very unstable. For the father, it is hard to earn enough money to feed the family with just a fishing job.

Binh goes to a secondary school in Hoi An, where she stays with relatives. As Binh knows how difficult it is for her family to take care of them all. To make it easy for her parents, Binh offered to go to the orphanage. The orphanage would provide food, a place to stay, and she can go to school until she’s 18. With Binh in the orphanage, it would be easier for the father to provide for the family. Growing up in Cham Island, Bai Huong, Binh was used to running around outside with her younger sister, brother and her friends. It was a terrifying thought for Binh to be locked up behind doors and big gates and not being able to run where ever she wished.

Binh happy with family on Cham island

Binh with father and younger sister

By the time we, (her friends in Bai Huong) found out that Binh was in the orphanage, we were all too shocked. Tears flow freely from the people close to her. Once we talked over her situation we decided that she was too precious and too smart to be left the orphanage. Even with the promise of free education, food and accommodation, being in the orphanage without friends or family would never be the same again. There will always be something missing.

After a long talk with Binh’s parents, we offered to help with her school fee, food and other accommodation if they would take her out of the orphanage. They were more than happy to accept our help.. The very next day they went to the orphanage and took Binh home. We met Binh, her younger sister and her father on their way back from the orphanage. They all looked very happy to have Binh back home with them. As her friends, we decided to help Binh with the little money we have. However, we need help from a kind person to provide long term help for Binh, someone who can provide for her till college.

With an amount of only $30 per month we are able to guarantee her education and living. Therefore we are looking for someone who is willing to donate $360 per year for this special girl. Please help us provide for Binh so that she can live her childhood with her family and friends without having to sacrifice herself for the rest of her family.

We are please and willing to send the student’s file with further information about Binh and her family.

Thank you for your help and best regards

Scholarship for Bai Huong, Cham islands, August 2012

Cham islands Medical support

Vanessa giving scholarship for Suong

It is with great pleasure that I update you about this year projects. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we had the possibility to extend and expand our support from last year.  This year we are mainly supporting children who go to High School and College in the mainland. Due to the high expenses of sending their children for higher education, families cannot afford school and living fees. In order to keep the children in school, we help cover some of their expenses.
For the second year we are able to continue to buy school books for the village children. This is another way we are able to support all the children so that everyone benefits from our charity work.

Also we are happy to support and encourage the children with the best grade during the school year. It is important to motivate the children that study hard. Like in 2001, the students with the best grades in their year received VND 500’000 as encouragement. For one special girl, Pham Thi Ngoc My, who studies very hard while the family was going through difficult time; also during the same time her father passed away, we rewarded her with a total of VND 1’000’000.

Our library is in good use; from children sitting to bead, read comics to doing artwork and playing board games. On another note, I would like to say a big thank you to Huyen, a volunteer with the Degenhardt Foundation. She works with the children teaching basic art and beading and donated art and craft supplies. During our busy time she helped us a lot and I would not know what I would’ve done without her.

Scholarship program continue on Cham islands

Scholarship program continue on Cham islands

During our busy preparation activities for the scholarship giving and receiving, some very sad news reached us. One 11 years old girl named Binh, decided for herself to go to the orphanage in order to lessen her family’s burden. Due to the family’s unstable fishing income, the parents are not able to support all three children while also putting them through school. With great sadness and many tears, friends and families talked over the situation and could not agree with Binh staying at the orphanage. After long conversation with the parents we decided to help find Binh a permanent long term sponsorship in order to keep her out of the orphanage and living with family again. So, at the moment we support the family. Meanwhile, we are looking for a long term sponsor for this bright and lovely girl (see enclosed file).

With great delight we would like to introduce to you the sponsored children of this year. Following are the names of the students that received the scholarship sponsors.  In place of the students we would like to say a big thank you to everyone that made this possible.

High School scholar ship:

1. Bui Cong Bao
2. Pham Van Rin
3. Tran Nguyen Rin
4. Bui Thi Tu Trinh

The above students mentioned, some have relatives in Hoi An, where they can stay during the school year. Therefore, we are only sponsoring these students with the amount of VND 2’000’000 for the first semester for school fees and food. Each of the students above, they have to submitting the school results of the first semester before they can receive the additional VND 2’000’000 for the second half of the school year.

College scholarship
1. Ngo Quang Canh

Canh, our first college scholarship student this year, does not have relatives on the mainland. Therefore we support him with accommodation, food and school fee. He will receive a monthly of VND 1’000’000 to cover the costs.

Medical support; VND 2‘500‘000

1. Nguyen Thi Suong
Soung suffers from epilepsy. She is a very good student but her parents cant afford to cover medical and study costs.

Support and encouragement for the secondary school students: VND 500’000 per student

1. Nguyen Thin Thanh Binh
2. Nguyen Huy Toan
3. Tran Thi Thanh
4. Nguyen Thi Phuong
5. Pham Thi Ngoc My

Support and encouragement for passing the admission exams for the University; VND 1‘000‘000 per student

1. Nguyen Thi Ly
2. Pham Thi Hien Trang

Child sponsor ship; VND 500’000 per month plus school fees of VND 1’500’000

1. Nguyen Thin Thanh Binh

We may not be able to change the world but we can help support someone’s future. From all of us, a big thanks for being a part of this and for your trust and support. In place of Bai Huong, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in us. On the same note, I would like to say thank you to Ms. Tu for her altruistic dedication and for making all this possible. As well as to the MPA of Cu Lao Cham and Hoi An for their help and support


Scholarship for Bai Huong – Cham island 2011

Cham islands sholarship 2011

Scholarship for Bai Huong 2011

After the library, finally we were able to set up as well the scholar ships. During our stay in Bai Huong end of August, we checked all the families one by one, to see their living situation and be able to select who really needs support. It was very emotional and also difficult for the families to speak about their problems. We decided from beginning to support only children from secondary school, as they have to study in Bai Lang (the bigger village on the island) and stay during the week there. Therefore the families have major costs for accommodation and food. Luckily the most families have relatives in the other village where the kids can stay. The next day we valuated all the families and chose 15 children for the scholar ship. The yearly school fees are VND 600’000 ($ 30). We sponsored the kids with VND 1’500’000 ($ 75).

Furthermore we promoted four children with the best grates during the school year 2010/2011 with VND 500’000 ($25) to encourage them to study.
Also we had one special case: A 16 year old girl (in Grade 11 this year) who suffers from epilepsy. Generally this is not a problem, as she only has a few attacks during the year. Still she needs to see the doctor and get some medicine. To cover this costs the family could sign her at the government like invalid, and they would get medical support. In Vietnam to be signed as an invalid means no carea. The girl doesn’t want to this as she is very good at school and want to go to college one day. To ensure the future of this child we decided to support the family with the yearly medical costs of VND 2’500’000.

It’s a great pleasure for us to introduce you now to the children. They are very grateful for the support and want to say thank you. I’m sure they will even study harder next year.

Scholar Ships:




Medical support: NGUYEN THI SUONG

Cham islands sholarship 2011

kids getting scholarship 2011

(as Suong was absent on that day, her brother took the medical support thankfully for her)

We would also like to thank you all for your trust and help. Without your help it wouldn’t be possible to support this kids and hopefully give them a better future.