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Christmas Gift 2015

Christmas is here and it is the time to support others. Therefore I have decided to create a new short-term project and sincerely hope for your sympathy.

One of my neighbor in Hoi An lives in very poor condition. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dung, born in 1964 and his wife Vo Thi Bon born in 1974 live with their 4 children in a self-mad lodge. The family has land, but there is no paperwork for it and therefore the land belongs to the government. Without the paperwork they were not allowed to build a house, nor could the family afford it. Mr. Dung’s father died when he was a kid and in order to support the mother, he stopped school after the 9th grade and worked ever since as a labor for construction. However the income is unstable and with a low education paid poorly. His wife, coming as well from a poor family background, works long days by taking care of the children and raising pigs, chickens and growing flowers in order to support the family’s income. She sells the gained goods in the neighborhood and on the market.

Finally the local government has offered help, they have given the family permission to build a small house on the land. Furthermore the government supports the family with building material.

My husband and I have decided to donate two wooden windows to the family and our neither and carpenter will provide the main door for free. Mr. Dung is taking care by himself of the construction, together with friends and family and some labor workers who offered to help for free.



However the family still lacks of founds to build a proper toilet and as Bai Huong Homestay has received in 2015, so many generous donations from all of you, I have taken the decision to support the family with VND 6,500,000 (US$ 290.-) and buy a toilet and shower to create a healthy living environment for the family.

I thank you all for your support and trust and wish you and your loved ones a Marry Christmas and aHappy New Year.