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Hearing Aid for Bui Quoc Trung


Bui Quoc Trung is 19 years old and lives in the fisher village Bai Huong, on Cham Islands. He has a hearing problem by birth. His left ear is completely deaf and on his right he has a reduced hearing, therefore he can understand, if spoken loud. He has communication problems and difficulties to express himself and never really learned to speak correctly.

Gian Carlo Cattaneo, from Switzerland, went to Bai Huong in spring 2011 and decided to sponsor Trung a hearing aid. Trung went to Danang to see a doctor to test if such an aid would work for him. The results were positive.

Trung on Cham islands

Bui Quoc Trung

On 17th November 2011, I finally went with Trung, his mother and his English speaking sister to Danang to buy the hearing Aid. Some further tests were made and Trung tried the hearing aid. We chose a high quality aid in order to last for longer and don’t disturb his hearings.

For Trung it was all new, so much sound and noise he was not used to. He couldn’t believe how loud the motorbikes are. He will need some time to get used to it and his parents will help him to learn to speak. However to make sure Trung is fine and comfortable with the new situation, I will try to go to visit him in 2 weeks. If he has troubles I will find him a place for a few weeks where they teach him and help him to live with the sound of the world.

Thanks Gian Carlo and friends for this generous donation. Trung and his family are more than grateful.