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Pray for our friend Jelle Gulluk!

He always hoped to come back to Bai Huong one day and help his islanders. Unfortunatly, he got in to a terible accident and pass away last weekend…

Jelle and his girl friend Phoebe from Holland came to Bai Huong last summer and immediately fell in love with the island and had a strong bond with people there. They came as a tourist but left as our friends and family members… I was on the island the same time and was lucky to meet them. When it’s time to said good bye, I called him brother, and he called the host family (homestay) papa and mama.

For us, Jelle and Phoebe just became apart of Bai Huong, of the family…

Jelle was a great guy, with a great love for nature and we always hoped to see him again…

His cremation will be held today- Saturday. His friends and family in Holland decided to aske all attendants to donate (like he did himself) to Cham Island to Baihuong helping with the reconstruction of the homes of everyone that have suffered due to the hurricanes…and people in need

A great gift from a great man…even after he passed away…

From Vietnam, we just want to say thank you Jelle with all the love from Bai Huong …

Rest in peace brother!

You will aways be there, in our hearts!


  1. Anca Vermunt says:

    Dear all,

    Being Jelle’s mother has been a privilege and I hope that our donation will help a lot of people!
    Jelle told me about his stay in your family and this felt very special to him. He enjoyed it so much.
    we will miss him…

    with love,

  2. Nguyen Thanh Tu says:

    Dear Anca;

    Thank you very much for your donation, we really hope to see you one day…
    we miss him too…

    With love from Bai Huong

    • Anca Vermunt says:

      Dear Thanh Tu,

      Yes I will travel to Cham Island together with Phoebe! I would be happy to see what Jelle loved so much!

      Take care, with love,

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