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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Warm smiles, beautiful people, breathtaking scenery

We went to Cham island, trying to escape the crowds and looking for some silence and nature. We didn’t know what to expect, but from the moment Nhi picked us up at Bai Luong to take us to Bai Huong, we knew we made the right decision. She immediately adopted us as two of her own children.

we could not have asked for anything more. We stayed at Nhi and Lo’s homestay, a wonderfull place, Nhi did the cooking, Lo took us fishing and snorkeling. Every evening the Buddhist chanting from the pagoda made us drift away in this little paradise. We wanted to stay much longer! Mama’s cooking is delicious, there was so much food! It was the best time we’ve had in Vietnam after being here for 1 month. They are the warmest, friendliest, most gentle hearted people we have met. It was sad to say goodbye and we couldn’t find words or gestures to thank ‘mama and papa’ enough. Bai Huong is beautiful, the beaches are the best we have seen in Vietnam. If you are looking for interaction with very intersting local people who don’t speak English, silence and beautiful surroundings, this is the place. Don’t expect luxury, staying up late partying or sleeping in, please be very respectfull towards these wonderful people and have a great time!

Mirte & Carolien

Sunset on Cham island

Sunset on Cham island

Cham island-Experience 3 days 2 nights on Cham island – Only 880,000 vnd (42$)/ pax

Cham Island – Experience 2 nights home stay on an almost undiscovered island, experience real local life, exploring a beautiful coral garden on a snorkeling tour, be a fisherman for a day and catch your own lunch, trek up the hills to watch the sunset, enjoy a cup of coffee right on the beach, eat fresh sea food, and enjoy the quite peaceful starry nights.
This seems too good to be true just for only 42 USD. Furthermore remember that by booking this tour you help the local families improving their life style, as all the benefit goes directly to the homestay families. Jelle in join the coconuct in Bai bim , Cham island

Detail Itinerary:

Day 1: Tropical summer

10:00 AM: The host family picks you up at Cham island harbor(Bai Lang), transfer to a small boat to Bai Huong
10: 15 AM: Arrive Bai Huong, check in home stay, the family welcome you with herb and tea.

Free leisure in Bai Huong visiting the fresh fish market where you have the chance to try crabs, lobster and many kind of fishes (All caught by the villagers)
Take a walk to the beach and relax

12: AM: Lunch with the host family – try local Vietnamese food from Cham Island.
After lunch free time relax and swimming

3: 00 PM: The host family takes you to Hon Tai for snorkeling

5:00 PM: Back to the village, free time relax, playing with the kids in Bai Huong

6:30PM: Dinner with host family

After dinner free time take a walk around the village, meeting and chatting with the local people. Enjoy a starry night on the beach.
Overnight at home stay

Day 2: The island man

8:00 AM: Early morning go net fishing with the host family catching your own fish, watching the bird nest cave on the way back and experiece the day being a fisherman on the the island.
10:30 AM: Back to the village – have breakfast at the homestay with coffee
– Free at leisure, relax and swimming
12:00: Lunch with host family
4:00 PM: Treking along the island trails, go up 300 steps to explore a artificial lake up on the mountain, enjoin the full view over the island and the village from the very top and watching the beautiful sunset (optional)
6:30: Dinner with the host family.
Overnight at Home stay Bai Huong

Day 3: Back to the main land

– Breakfast at home stay
– Take ferry boat in Bai Lang at 11.00-11.00 to the mainland and arrive in Hoi An around 13.30

Package include:
– Pickup from Cham island habour to Bai Huong with the local boat.(The host family will come to pick you up at the habour, they will pay for their own boat ticket to Bai Huong, you will pay for yours)
– 6 meals (2 Lunches, 2 Dinners, 2 Breakfasts incl. 1 coffee) (drinks are not included)
– 2 nights home stay
– 1 snorkeling tour.
– 1 fishing tour-
– free tea

Not include:

– Ferry ticket and local boat ticket from habour to Bai Huong
– Drink

Want to book a home stay Click here

If you don’t have time please check for a 2 days tour package here

Color of Bai Huong (cham island) by Sergio and David…

These are the pictures about Bai Huong  (Cham Island) of Sergio and David:

Bai Huong – Cham island people

Cham island provided me with irreplaceable memories that I will cherish forever


Cham island - Ronit

Ronit Patel on Cham island

Having spent 5 days in Cham island (Cu lao Cham), it is difficult for me to put my experience into words. The best way to describe it would be as a myriad of beauty, warmth and fun! Working with the locals provided me with irreplaceable memories that I will cherish forever. I loved how there was a beautiful balance between the innocent maturity of the children, and the trusting nature of the adults. My favourite memory would be treating the children and then later on playing football with them in Bai Huong! I am very grateful to have this opportunity, the local villagers welcoming us all in like their own family, and above all the children who brought a smile to my face everyday! I’ll carry these memories in my heart forever. Thank you, and I will see you again when I return Bai Huong, to Cham island.

Ronit Patel – UK

Meet Vietnam in Bai Huong (Cham island) by Gian Carlo