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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

if I could stay forever then I think I would…

This is what Rachel and Omer talked about when they stayed on Cham island homestay

Cham island homestay– Thank you so much for an amazing four days and for welcoming us into your home just like friends would do.

I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I am to leave – if I could stay forever then I think I would. From Hiep’s AMAZING cooking, to our peaceful and successful fishing trips with Tung, to our afternoons sat on a beach (Cham island) with no-one else around except a couple of cows, every moment on the island has been like magic and will be a memory that will stay with me forever. You are such a wonderful family and such lovely and friendly people and I feel so lucky to have met you and shared in a few days of your lives. I leave you with sad face but with wishes for so much luck and happiness for the future of your family.

Lots and lots of love and massive THANK YOU – CAM ON!


Rachel and Omer from UK

(we came for 2 nights and 3 days and ended up staying an extra day… if only we could stay more

Cham island homestay - Our amazing time on Cham island

Our amazing time on Cham island

Here in Cham Island, everything changed, we found our family…

Here is the story of Claudien and Mony on Cham Island:

Cham island – Un, dos, tres… Salut!!!

At the beginning of our travel in Vietnam we were not really really happy, because we found some people a little bit annoying and trying to sell us everything. “Homestay, homestay! Motorbike… Buy from me good luck for you!”

Here in Cham Island, everything changed, we found our family, Hiep and Tung, the best hosts ever, and friends in especilly the mall, smart and chilled, lovely too!

From the beginning we feel like at home, when you are a child and you don’t stop receiving love and food.

We will miss especially this place, not only for the landscapes, that are amazing. If you go to the beach you have to go to the second one, one hour from here, it’s paradise! Also we will miss the beers at the night, playing cards until the electricity turns off and the biggest smiles that we have ever received!

Thank you really really!

We love you and of course we will come back

Claudien and Mony (Germany & Spain)

landscapes, that are amazing

the best hosts ever

Jelle told me about his very special stay on Cham island

This is what Anca Vermunt got when she stayed in Cham Island:

Cham island – Sometimes life can change completely. So happened on 23rd February 2014 when my 24 year old son Jelle died, totally unexpected after a terrible accident. Jelle and his girlfriend Phoebe were on Cham Island in August 2013 and when they came back to Holland, Jelle told me about his very special stay with mama & papa. Therefore I am making a very special journey, visiting Vietnam for 2 weeks together with my two daughters Silke and Brechtje and with Phoebe, to experience a little bit of Vietnam that Jelle loved so much, especially this homestay. Only here for 1 night (the boat did not leave earlier from Hoi An) but I feel his presence with great joy, with all my love I leave a littele part of Jelle in Vietnam, his love for the country is everywhere.

With Love

Anca Vermunt

Find more about Jelle on Cham island here

Anca on Chamisland

his very special stay with mama & papa

see more testimonials of homestay bai huong 

You are truly special and your hospitality was so gracious

Mandy, Megan and Becky said about Bai Huong homestay Cham Island

Bai Huong homestay Cham island – Thank you so much Mama, for an incredible stay in your beautiful home . I could instantly tell you have a heart of gold when you picked us up from the boat. You are truly special and your hospitality was so gracious. I hope to return some day soon and will recommend this Bai huong homestay to anyone during my travels. Much love!

Mandy USA

Megan UK

Becky UK

Bai huong homestay-cham island -our stay on Cham islands

Megan, Becky and Manai on Bai Huong Homestay Cham island

Thanks a lot for this unforgettable stay on Cham island – Home stay Bai Huong

Hello Mama Nhi,

Thank you so much for your hospitality! I’ve spent 3 great days here (Bai Huong- Cham island)! I would have loved to meet also Papa Lo, but I hope he had lots of fun at the wedding in Hoi An.

I really needed the quietness after having been to big cities as Hanoi & HCMC.

Your food was so great!

I also loved the beaches and snorkelling in the sea and I am so proud of myself since I caught two fishes.

Thanks a lot for this unforgettable stay, I hope I will come back some time

Take care!

Lots of Love

Iris from Germany

I’ve spent 3 great days on Cham island

I’ve spent 3 great days here