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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Sponsor for Cham islands football tournament 2013

Football tournament on Cham islands, enjoy the Cham islands homestay

Robert (right) with Bai Huong team

To have a hobby and practice sport is important for a balanced childhood. So, this year along with the scholarship program 2013 we also sponsored for the football tournament on the whole Cham islands (for children under 16). There were four teams presented for 4 villages on Cham islands : Bai Huong , Bai Lang 1 , Bai Lang 2, Bai Ong played in the tournament for one week. To make sure that the tournament would be successful we also sponsor Shirt for Bai Huong team, and our friend Robert came here volunteering to be the coach.

The children had a lot of fun playing football and all the islanders really enjoy the games too. This tournament was the first organized one on the islands and it was a huge success.




Players are so in to the game 🙂




New Bai Huong Library

 August 2011

New Bai Huong library - Cham island

The new library

The government building, where we first established the library, has been used more and more used for meetings, the children didn’t had access. We needed to find a solution and it was the best news ever,  my friend offered  to move the library to the living room of her house as she uses the house only for holiday reasons. Her neighbors, Nhi and Lo, will take care of it and make sure the kids can read and play.

There was still quite a lot of work to do, as the house needed some renovations. It was also a great deal to hire some local people and secure them for a while an income.

They did a great work and while Tu and I were on the island we helped painting the house and established the library again.  It was great fun and the kids helped us a lot.

I’m glad to show you our work and the new library in the following pictures!

We are happy because the library finally has it own place and hope the kids will read and play a lot!

Cham islands - the new library and more kids

and more kids comming…