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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Finally our library on Cham island is functional again!

Dear friends of Bai Huong;

On the 14th – 15th October 2013 Central Vietnam got hit by the storm “Nari”. The storm hit the coast with speeds of 102kmh knocking down tress and damage hundreds of houses, followed by strong rain and our Library on Cham island really got damaged.

Today I’m very happy to inform you, that our library has finally been renovated in the end of January and is open again for our kids. It was not easy to do the work during the raining season and therefore it took longer than expected, but our workers managed to get the job done before the end of the Lunar New Year in order to start the year of the horse with good luck and blessing.

Thanks to all of you for your help and support!

Children sing at Epiphany for Bai Huong

Children sings for Bai Huong, Cham islands

Children sing at Epiphany for Bai Huong

As every year on the 6th January, the children in my hometown go with the Catholic and Protestant church singing. They walk through the town and stop on several squares to sing and collect money for a good cause. I felt honored and moved that the benefit from this year (2012) is donated for my projects in Bai Huong.

I thank the Catholic and Protestant church dearly, and all the children for their selflessly dedication. On my next visit to the village I will show the pictures to the kids, they will be very surprised and thankful!





Vanessa receives an award from Quang Nam goverment for her volunteer work on Cham islands

On 19th December 2011 Vanessa got an official award from the Committee of Quang Nam Province for the help of Bai Huong, Cham islands. This

Vanessa got award from Quang Nam goverment

Vanessa got award from Quang Nam goverment

award is for all of you too, then without you it would not have been possible!

First library on Cham islands: “Every child has the right to read!”

July 2010

First library on Cham islands and every child has the right to read

This is so cool :)

This was the slogan for the opening of our library in 2010. During Vanessa’s 5 month volunteer work in Vietnam with the Degenhardt Foundation we started this project for Bai Huongs library. While the foundation  did the paperwork with the government, Tu collected about 700 Vietnamese books all over the country and Vanessa’s family back home helped getting founds from friends. The government supported our work by giving us a room to use for free.

We had our opening on May 29th 2010, although the works on the building were not finished we had furniture, books and educational toys. The kids and local families were very happy and thankful about our work and effort.

Unfortunately we had to realize this year that the library was not working as we thought. It should have been accessible for the kids, but as the building was manly used for meetings the kids did not have many chance to play and read.

I’m very happy to be able today to say that we resolved the last obstacle in June 2011. We moved the library to a private house, where the children have always access. We still need to do a few works for a small playground in front of the house, but soon we will have the perfect place for Bai Huong’s children to learn and play!

Kids enjoy playing and reading at the library in Bai Huong, Cham island

Kids enjoy playing and reading at the library

I would like to use this opportunity to thank the people who always supported us to realize this project:
My best friend in Vietnam, she wants to be anonym.
Linh from my homestay in Hoi An
The Cu Lao Cham Marine Park Administration Degenhardt FoundationKarmawaters
and at last but not at least Thanks to my parents and the Oberengadiner Fastenwoche Celerina