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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Cham island-Bai Huong-This place is amazing, we have completely fallen in love,

This is what Mari and Maria said about Bai Huong and Cham island:

This place (Bai Huong – Cham island) is amazing, we have completely fallen in love, both of us, with the place and also the people. Everyone is so friendly saying “HELLO” with a big smile in their face. We have enjoyed this three days so much, and Mama Nhi and Papa Lo have really been the best! Mama’s food is incredible, and she want let you be hungry even for a minute. Papa took us fishing, snorkelling, and out for a jungle trek, we enjoyed everything! We will never forget this place, hope we will come back one day. Truly, our days in Vietnam. We will recommend you for all of our friends!

Thank you so much mama and papa!

Mari and Maria

The two Norwegian girls

We will never forget this place,

This place is amazing


Finally our library on Cham island is functional again!

Dear friends of Bai Huong;

On the 14th – 15th October 2013 Central Vietnam got hit by the storm “Nari”. The storm hit the coast with speeds of 102kmh knocking down tress and damage hundreds of houses, followed by strong rain and our Library on Cham island really got damaged.

Today I’m very happy to inform you, that our library has finally been renovated in the end of January and is open again for our kids. It was not easy to do the work during the raining season and therefore it took longer than expected, but our workers managed to get the job done before the end of the Lunar New Year in order to start the year of the horse with good luck and blessing.

Thanks to all of you for your help and support!

Meet Vietnam in Bai Huong (Cham island) by Gian Carlo


I have thoroughly enjoyed my once in a lifetime experience on Cham island (Cu Lao Cham)

Cham island - lucy

Lucy with the kids and homestay family

I have thoroughly enjoyed my once in a lifetime experience on Cu Lao Cham and don’t even know where to begin describing how amazing it has been. The dental treatment has been so different to all that we have ever done before and has provided me with a wealth of experience, as well as giving me the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people. Our homestay family were so generous and couldn’t have looked after us better. As we said many a time throughout our stay, we had “great food, great people and great views”! Everyone on the island was so welcoming and friendly and I’d like to thank the organisation for all they have done to give us such a fantastic opportunity.

Lucy Caldwell

Dental volunteer from UK

Sponsor for Cham islands football tournament 2013

Football tournament on Cham islands, enjoy the Cham islands homestay

Robert (right) with Bai Huong team

To have a hobby and practice sport is important for a balanced childhood. So, this year along with the scholarship program 2013 we also sponsored for the football tournament on the whole Cham islands (for children under 16). There were four teams presented for 4 villages on Cham islands : Bai Huong , Bai Lang 1 , Bai Lang 2, Bai Ong played in the tournament for one week. To make sure that the tournament would be successful we also sponsor Shirt for Bai Huong team, and our friend Robert came here volunteering to be the coach.

The children had a lot of fun playing football and all the islanders really enjoy the games too. This tournament was the first organized one on the islands and it was a huge success.




Players are so in to the game 🙂