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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Here in Cham Island, everything changed, we found our family…

Here is the story of Claudien and Mony on Cham Island:

Cham island – Un, dos, tres… Salut!!!

At the beginning of our travel in Vietnam we were not really really happy, because we found some people a little bit annoying and trying to sell us everything. “Homestay, homestay! Motorbike… Buy from me good luck for you!”

Here in Cham Island, everything changed, we found our family, Hiep and Tung, the best hosts ever, and friends in especilly the mall, smart and chilled, lovely too!

From the beginning we feel like at home, when you are a child and you don’t stop receiving love and food.

We will miss especially this place, not only for the landscapes, that are amazing. If you go to the beach you have to go to the second one, one hour from here, it’s paradise! Also we will miss the beers at the night, playing cards until the electricity turns off and the biggest smiles that we have ever received!

Thank you really really!

We love you and of course we will come back

Claudien and Mony (Germany & Spain)

landscapes, that are amazing

the best hosts ever

We had the best stay with Mama & Papa (cham island)!

Cham Island – We had the best stay with Mama Nhi & Papa Lo!

I can’t believe we already had our bus to Mui Ne booked so we could only stay in cham island for one night. But we all want to stay forever!

We arrived at 10am and were greeted by the very friendly Mama! We had the biggest lunch. After lunch we went snorkelling and I got some great shots of the only live coral I’ve ever seen on my GoPro – it was also very funny getting on the bamboo bowl boat!
Then Mama showed us the most beautiful beach it’s just a 15min walk. It was deserted with amazing shells and palm trees.

Later we had dinner, which was unsurprisingly AMAZING. And we finished the best day ever with an awesome game of cards. Plying with their son & his friends was great until they started to beat us!

homestay cham island

Homestay Bai huong – Cham islands

Donation for Cham island projects

Donate money:

Donating for our projects on Cham islands, please send to:

Donate for future...

Donate for future…

Holder: Vanessa Weiss, 7500 St. Moritz
Bank: Graubündner Kantonalbank, St. Moritz
Account number. : 00 340.723.300
BC-Nr.: 774
IBAN: CH0200774000340723300
Subject: Donation for Bai Huong

Or contact us here for more information.

100% of your donation will go directly to the projects, no administration costs involved.


Donate Items:

If you have a chance to go to Bai Huong (Cham islands) and want to donate some items for our library, this is the wish list:

–          Foot ball (both leather and plastic ones)

–          Volley ball (ball and net)

–          Badmintons

–          Swimming goggles

–          Notebooks

–          Pen and pencils

–          Ruler

–          Eraser

We may not be there when you come, so please ask for Mrs. Nhi (one of the home stay helping us taking care of the library).

The school items (pens and note books, etc…) will be saved to give to the students at the beginning of each semester.

Thank you for your support !

Sponsor for Cham islands football tournament 2013

Football tournament on Cham islands, enjoy the Cham islands homestay

Robert (right) with Bai Huong team

To have a hobby and practice sport is important for a balanced childhood. So, this year along with the scholarship program 2013 we also sponsored for the football tournament on the whole Cham islands (for children under 16). There were four teams presented for 4 villages on Cham islands : Bai Huong , Bai Lang 1 , Bai Lang 2, Bai Ong played in the tournament for one week. To make sure that the tournament would be successful we also sponsor Shirt for Bai Huong team, and our friend Robert came here volunteering to be the coach.

The children had a lot of fun playing football and all the islanders really enjoy the games too. This tournament was the first organized one on the islands and it was a huge success.




Players are so in to the game 🙂




Vanessa receives an award from Quang Nam goverment for her volunteer work on Cham islands

On 19th December 2011 Vanessa got an official award from the Committee of Quang Nam Province for the help of Bai Huong, Cham islands. This

Vanessa got award from Quang Nam goverment

Vanessa got award from Quang Nam goverment

award is for all of you too, then without you it would not have been possible!