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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Jelle told me about his very special stay on Cham island

This is what Anca Vermunt got when she stayed in Cham Island:

Cham island – Sometimes life can change completely. So happened on 23rd February 2014 when my 24 year old son Jelle died, totally unexpected after a terrible accident. Jelle and his girlfriend Phoebe were on Cham Island in August 2013 and when they came back to Holland, Jelle told me about his very special stay with mama & papa. Therefore I am making a very special journey, visiting Vietnam for 2 weeks together with my two daughters Silke and Brechtje and with Phoebe, to experience a little bit of Vietnam that Jelle loved so much, especially this homestay. Only here for 1 night (the boat did not leave earlier from Hoi An) but I feel his presence with great joy, with all my love I leave a littele part of Jelle in Vietnam, his love for the country is everywhere.

With Love

Anca Vermunt

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Anca on Chamisland

his very special stay with mama & papa

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You are truly special and your hospitality was so gracious

Mandy, Megan and Becky said about Bai Huong homestay Cham Island

Bai Huong homestay Cham island – Thank you so much Mama, for an incredible stay in your beautiful home . I could instantly tell you have a heart of gold when you picked us up from the boat. You are truly special and your hospitality was so gracious. I hope to return some day soon and will recommend this Bai huong homestay to anyone during my travels. Much love!

Mandy USA

Megan UK

Becky UK

Bai huong homestay-cham island -our stay on Cham islands

Megan, Becky and Manai on Bai Huong Homestay Cham island

The people are so kind, that I don’t mind. To come back to friendly Cham island

We came to the island of Cham

It’s off the coast of Vietnam.

The people are so kind

That I don’t mind

To come back to friendly Cham

In peacefully and happy Vietnam.

Warm hospitality, good food and stunning scenery.

When I come back I maybe see the first savonius roter

On cham (island).

Mark Reynolds UK

Our stay on Cham island

Mark on Cham islands

How to go to Cham Island and Bai Huong

cham island hoi an

A small beautiful fishing village

There are two ways to go to Cham Island, or by public ferry or by speedboat.
The daily ferry leaves from Hoi An old town on An Hoi, at the end of Nguyen Hoang Street (near the Vinh Hung Resort) at 7.00 am or from Cua Dai habour (tourist area) at 8.00 AM and the tourist price is is between VND 100’000 and 150’000 per person/way. If you prefer to go by speedboat you can arrange it through a tour operator in Hoi An. All boats arrive in Bai Lang.

From Bai Lang you can whether take a motorbike driver to Bai Huong, the cost is about VND 100’000 per driver or the small local ferry for VND 30’000, just ask for the boat to Bai Huong. However the homestay family will be pleased to pick you up in Bai Lang to make it easier for you to find the small ferry and all together you will go by ferry to Bai Huong. There is no extra charge for the pick up, but you have to pay for your ferry ticket.

To go back to the mainland from Cham island you can take at about 8.30am the small ferry to Bai Lang (VND 30’000 per person) and then wait for the big ferry which leaves at about 11.30am and arrives in Hoi An at about 1.30-2.00pm in the old town

Cham island - Hoi an

And very relaxing


Please note well, the weather can change very quickly in South East Asia and depending on the weather and sea conditions the boats sometimes can not go to the island. Therefore there is always the chance to get stuck on the island. We are not taking any responsibility in these cases. However the homestay families offer 50% discount on the room night for who is stuck on the island.


Please note well: The local authority does NOT allow Chinese and Hong Kong passport holder to overnight on the island. Thanks for your understanding.


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