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Room rate

Only: VND 120’000 per person

Cham island-Bai Huong-This place is amazing, we have completely fallen in love,

This is what Mari and Maria said about Bai Huong and Cham island:

This place (Bai Huong – Cham island) is amazing, we have completely fallen in love, both of us, with the place and also the people. Everyone is so friendly saying “HELLO” with a big smile in their face. We have enjoyed this three days so much, and Mama Nhi and Papa Lo have really been the best! Mama’s food is incredible, and she want let you be hungry even for a minute. Papa took us fishing, snorkelling, and out for a jungle trek, we enjoyed everything! We will never forget this place, hope we will come back one day. Truly, our days in Vietnam. We will recommend you for all of our friends!

Thank you so much mama and papa!

Mari and Maria

The two Norwegian girls

We will never forget this place,

This place is amazing


What a wonderful stay we had

Dear Hiep and Tung

Sunset on Cham island

Sunset on Cham island


What a wonderful stay we had – you were so kind and considerate. Now you can have your bedroom back! We swam and fished and ate and enjoyed it all. Now back home we go but we wont forget our stay with you. We hope you have many more visitors who can share in this spezial place.

See you again!

Robin, Debbie and Oscar


School books for Bai Huong (Cham islands project)

School book for all the kids in Bai Huong,cham island 2011

Kids receive school books at our library

Thanks to our donors and friends in Switzerland we are able as well this year to invest in Bai Huong’s education. In June 2011 we bought school books for ALL kids in the village:

26 curriculums for primary school
20 curriculums for secondary school
On July 7th we disibuated the books to the kids.

The upcoming project in the next month is to evaluate the family situation of the children and to see which children need a further scholar ship. We will be able to support about 20 children during the school year 2011/2012!

We are actually hoping that with the homestay tour the village will get more independent in the coming years and need less help from outside. Our dream is it to see the children go to high school and be able to dream and life there future. At the moment there are young people in the village who don’t know what to do. The education ends after secondary school and the possibilities are very little.

This program will be continue in 2012 and 2013 and every year to make sure that every kids have school books .


About Us

Cham island - Hoi an

Bai Huong, Cham island Vietnam

We are neither a foundation nor a tour operator, we are just two friends who fell in love with Bai Huong (A small fishing village on Cham islands, Hoian, Vietnam). Our goal is it now to help people in Bai Huong get more independent and therefore we created this website. It will give you the opportunity to learn about this special place and book a sustainable tour at the main time.

Of course we are not able to support all this on our own, therefore we have friends and people willing to help us…

For further information please contact us at:homestaybaihuong@gmail.com

Please note well that we are not a travel agent, we help you for free to find your way to the island to support the locals. Therefore please respect the fact that we can not always reply you quickly as we have a full time job and family live. Read the information carefully on the website and contact us for the booking. Thanks for your understanding and sympathy.

Vanessa & Tu