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Warm smiles, beautiful people, breathtaking scenery

We went to Cham island, trying to escape the crowds and looking for some silence and nature. We didn’t know what to expect, but from the moment Nhi picked us up at Bai Luong to take us to Bai Huong, we knew we made the right decision. She immediately adopted us as two of her own children.

we could not have asked for anything more. We stayed at Nhi and Lo’s homestay, a wonderfull place, Nhi did the cooking, Lo took us fishing and snorkeling. Every evening the Buddhist chanting from the pagoda made us drift away in this little paradise. We wanted to stay much longer! Mama’s cooking is delicious, there was so much food! It was the best time we’ve had in Vietnam after being here for 1 month. They are the warmest, friendliest, most gentle hearted people we have met. It was sad to say goodbye and we couldn’t find words or gestures to thank ‘mama and papa’ enough. Bai Huong is beautiful, the beaches are the best we have seen in Vietnam. If you are looking for interaction with very intersting local people who don’t speak English, silence and beautiful surroundings, this is the place. Don’t expect luxury, staying up late partying or sleeping in, please be very respectfull towards these wonderful people and have a great time!

Mirte & Carolien

Sunset on Cham island

Sunset on Cham island